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Microsoft office course training in Sharjah

MS Office Training in Sharjah- Canadian Certification

"Image showing the logos of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, representing the core applications of the Microsoft Office Suite."
Importance of Microsoft Office in Corporate Environments

Microsoft Office in Corporate Settings

Microsoft Office, essential for corporate environments. The course is vital for corporate settings, teaching Microsoft Word for document crafting, Excel for data management and financial tasks, and PowerPoint for creating presentations, addressing all technological requirements in contemporary business environments.

Benefits of MS Office Training

Top 5 Benefits of MS Office Training

  • Enhances productivity and efficiency in handling office tasks.
  • Improves skills in document creation, data analysis, and presentation design.
  • Increases job marketability and career advancement opportunities.
  • Fosters better organization and management of data and information.
  • Offers a solid foundation for learning more advanced software and technologies.
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The course duration is 30 hours, with classes available every day, including Sundays, both in direct and online formats, from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 8 pm

Unlock Your Potential with Our MS Office Course in Sharjah

Microsoft Office Course Details

Course Overview for Beginners and Refreshers

Targeted at both beginners and those seeking a Microsoft Office refresher, the course in Sharjah covers everyday essentials like spreadsheets, financial calculations, slide show creation, and managing automated meeting responses. Additional topics include comprehensive training in advanced document formatting in Word, complex data analysis techniques in Excel, and mastering transition and animation effects in PowerPoint presentations. The course also provides practical exercises for real-world application, ensuring a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office’s capabilities in a professional environment.

"Interactive training session on Microsoft Office, showing a diverse group of participants engaged in learning with a visible PowerPoint presentation on a large screen. The instructor, a woman with a laptop, is explaining features of Microsoft Excel to the attentive audience. The setting is a modern classroom with computers and office software manuals on the desks."

MS Office Classes In Sharjah Syllabus

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Course Syllabus

Introduction to Microsoft Word Module

The syllabus includes an introduction to Microsoft Word, covering file options and various tabs like Home, Insert, Reference, View, Page Formatting, and Mailing.

Benefits of MS Word Training

Main Benefits of MS Word Training

  • Enhances document formatting and design skills.
  • Improves efficiency in creating and editing text documents.
  • Boosts ability to use advanced features like mail merge and templates.

Microsoft Excel

For Microsoft Excel, the course delves into the ribbon commands, the Office environment, workbook and worksheet management, basic editing, formulas, shortcuts, and common Excel tasks.
Benefits of MS Excel Training

Key Benefits of MS Excel Training

  • Enhances data organization and analysis skills.
  • Improves ability to create and interpret complex spreadsheets.
  • Increases efficiency in managing financial and statistical information.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint Course Content

PowerPoint Training: Slide Management

The PowerPoint section focuses on slide management, including adding and deleting slides and slide show functions.

Benefits of MS PowerPoint Training

Benefits of PowerPoint Training

  • Enhances presentation skills for effective communication.
  • Boosts creativity in designing engaging slides.
  • Improves ability to organize and present information clearly.